1. In order to qualify for the draw ticket, participant must
    1. Participate in the job matching service conduct by Teach Asia.
    2. Successfully obtain a matching job contract via Teach Asia.
    3. Commit for the full length to the job contract.
    4. Physically presence at the contracted site and report by the employer to receive full reimbursement of the flight cost.
    5. Book departure flight to the designated contracted country two weeks before started of contract date.
  2. Each participant can only enter into the draw once.
  3. Winner of the draw need to present electronic copy of the flight information and receipt to Teach Asia Staff before receiving full reimbursement.
  4. Winner will allow Teach Asia to announce the winner news.
  1. Winner will be draw from the pool of successful contract placements.
  2. Winner will automatically be assigned with a numerical value and draw randomly from computer generated numerical value.
  3. The time of draw will happen as soon as the pool of successful contracts placement reach number 50th and 100th.
  4. The draw will only happen when the pool of successful contracts placement reach number 50 and 100.
  5. The number of successful placement number will be announced to participant via email at the interval of 25.
    1. Full flight cost reimbursement after employer has confirmed candidate arrival with Teach Asia Staff.
    2. Winner must provide an email address or Paypal account to receive the Paypal electronic transfer
    3. Full reimbursement will be made via Paypal electronic transfer.

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